Slack channel search, onboarding & more.
May 26, 2020 - You can now search your Slack channels! 😃We improved some features such as ability to delete your comments and fetch latest Slack information and delete Figma files (if you want to!).
Brand new
  • Search Slack channels.
    You can now search for Slack channels in comment section. Some of the most requested feature. We noticed many teams have hundreds of Slack channels so it's not easy to simply go through list of channels. Instead, search!
Screenshot 2020-05-26 16
  • Comment delete
    . Delete a comment on your frame page. While it's a no-brainer you should be able to delete your comments, we wanted to make sure we have our data structure right.
  • Fetch latest Slack channels and users
    . Currently, newly added or edited Slack channels and Slack users are not automatically updated in Pixelic. For the time being, you can go to
    Account Settings
    on the top right corner and click
    Fetch the latest channel and user list from Slack
    to update your channel/user list.
Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 16
  • Delete Figma file
    . Currently, Pixelic only supports a single Figma file (we're getting to multiple files and projects!). So if you want to start over, click
    Delete synced Figma file
    on your
    Account Settings
Improvements & bug fixes
  • Improved user onboarding
    . We improved the onboarding and sign up process for our users. You'll have a multi-step onboarding guide as well as a way to invite your teammates during your onboarding.
  • Fixed minor bugs
    . We've had some bugs and issues, we're constantly working on fixing them. Here are a few we fixed since last update:
  • Fixed Invite/Help button
  • Slack thread sync issues
  • Taskify show up issues
  • Comment deletion issues
  • Error message occurs when invited other user
  • When annotated on a Figma frame, frame disappears
...and a bunch more!