Collaborate on User Flows, Search bar, & Billing
July 8, 2020 — You can now
collaborate on user flows through comments/Slack
! See below for more details. You’re now able to
easily search for Figma frames by title
! Also see below for more details:
👯 Collaborate on user flows
Introducing commenting and Slack sharing for user flows. Just like how you would share Figma frames via Slack, you can share user flows.
To start documenting user flows and build your UX specs, go to
tab on the left menu in Pixelic.
🔍 Search and filter Figma frames
You can now search for Figma frames by title. Simply search items using the search bar on the
Frames from Figma
🙈 Hide and show deleted Figma frames
To keep a source of truth for your product, we store your deleted Figma frames as well. But don’t worry about sorting through active and deleted frames — deleted frames are now hidden by default. You can toggle on to see them whenever you like!
🙏 Billing
Our mission is to build a remote-first product that will help you better manage UX and UX collaboration in one integral space. And we’re just happy that you’ve found our initiative exciting and signed up to be our founding users. As we’ve communicated in the past, our product has a pricing model that will help us grow and make sure we’re continually delivering value to you!
Here’s our current pricing model:
Free Plan
  • Our free plan is for individuals (up to 1 user) who’d like to use Pixelic for without having additional editors in the workspace.
Standard Plan
  • Our standard plan is for teams with more than one user (
    $12 per user, per month
  • You’ll have a
    14-day free trial
    . Trials start once your teammate signs up.
Let us know if you’re having trouble with billing. Also, say hi @pixelic_hq (Twitter) 👋.
-Pixelic Team