Integrate with multiple Figma files! 🗂
Aug 19, 2020 — You can now integrate with multiple Figma files in Pixelic!
🗂 Multiple Figma files integration
#1 feedback we received from our users: multiple Figma files support. You have it! You can import multiple Figma files into Pixelic workspace and make Pixelic your zero-effort system of record for all things Figma. Try using Pixelic’s powerful frame 🔍search, 🧭navigate, 📌pin, and 🗄sort features.
Nitty-gritty fixes and enhancements
  • Speed & stability enhancement: it’s much faster and more stable!
  • Selective frame-level sync: you can now selectively sync individual frames.
  • Selective page import from Figma: you now have an option to select which page(s) you want to import.
  • Pixelic now remembers your last configured views in pinned frames and recently updated frames sections.
  • Shows “No Results Found” message when search query didn’t match any frame title.
💫 Upcoming features & updates
  • ⚙️ A dedicated Figma plug-in
  • ✏️ Notion-like documentation feature
  • ✅ Upgraded task management (To-Do for Designers 👀)
  • 🔔 In-app notification
Always eager to hear back from you. What do you think? Also, you can always read the previous product changelogs here.
Say hi to us on Twitter! @pixelic_hq
— Chris, Co-founder
Launching viewer for Figma: search, order/sort, and pin Figma frames & collaborate! 😁
July 24, 2020 — Search, order, sort, view recent updates, and pin Figma frames. These features will help you instantly locate Figma frames and share them with the team.
🔍 Search Figma frames
Find specific Figma frames by entering frame titles. You can also try partial keywords to bring up the matching frames. This feature can be best used if you have hundreds of similar screens with different states/cases. Just make sure you’re naming your frames in Figma! 🙃
📌 Pin Figma frames
2020-07-24 19
You can pin specific frames by clicking the pin icon located on the top right of each frame box.
🏞 Show recently updated Figma frames
Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 19
When you need to quickly find most recently updated frames, this feature comes in handy. You’ll be able to find up to 10 most recent Figma frames in this section.
Order & sort by Figma frames or last updated
Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 19
You can sort & order your entire Figma file by (1) frame title, or (2) last updated.
💫 Upcoming features & updates
  • 🏎 Speed/stability enhancement (3x in speed)
  • 📂 Multi-file support
  • ⚙️ A dedicated Figma plug-in
  • ✏️ Notion-like documentation feature
  • 🔔 In-app notification
We’re excited to ship “viewer for Figma” as it was one of the most highly requested features and it provides instant value to product designers wanting to easily navigate their Figma files. To view the previous product changelog, click here.
Say hi to us on Twitter! @pixelic_hq
Collaborate on User Flows, Search bar, & Billing
July 8, 2020 — You can now
collaborate on user flows through comments/Slack
! See below for more details. You’re now able to
easily search for Figma frames by title
! Also see below for more details:
👯 Collaborate on user flows
Introducing commenting and Slack sharing for user flows. Just like how you would share Figma frames via Slack, you can share user flows.
To start documenting user flows and build your UX specs, go to
tab on the left menu in Pixelic.
🔍 Search and filter Figma frames
You can now search for Figma frames by title. Simply search items using the search bar on the
Frames from Figma
🙈 Hide and show deleted Figma frames
To keep a source of truth for your product, we store your deleted Figma frames as well. But don’t worry about sorting through active and deleted frames — deleted frames are now hidden by default. You can toggle on to see them whenever you like!
🙏 Billing
Our mission is to build a remote-first product that will help you better manage UX and UX collaboration in one integral space. And we’re just happy that you’ve found our initiative exciting and signed up to be our founding users. As we’ve communicated in the past, our product has a pricing model that will help us grow and make sure we’re continually delivering value to you!
Here’s our current pricing model:
Free Plan
  • Our free plan is for individuals (up to 1 user) who’d like to use Pixelic for without having additional editors in the workspace.
Standard Plan
  • Our standard plan is for teams with more than one user (
    $12 per user, per month
  • You’ll have a
    14-day free trial
    . Trials start once your teammate signs up.
Let us know if you’re having trouble with billing. Also, say hi @pixelic_hq (Twitter) 👋.
-Pixelic Team
Create user flows using your Figma frames 📂👉🏞
June 8, 2020 — Hey everyone! You can now create user flows with your Figma frames and write specifications for each interaction.
With this new feature, you can quickly document any user flow (+UX specs) using your Figma frames which you've already imported.
🏞Create user flows with your Figma frames
You can now quickly create user flows with your Figma frames. Instead of exporting screens to Google Doc/Slides, or using heavy prototyping tools and user flow diagramming tools, you can simply use the Figma frames you already have in your Pixelic workspace.
Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 00
In this feature, version history is still embedded into each frame, so you can always view the previous design version and its history.
2020-06-09 00
👋Drag & drop each frame to re-order each flow
You can re-order user flow steps and document how the interaction works via simple steps!
🧑‍🏫Presentation mode
Click one of the frames and view them in presentation mode. You can click arrows located at the bottom of the presentation mode to navigate through the user flow.
🗺What's next for user flows?
We'll be rolling out Slack integration, commenting and version control for the user flows feature. You can always check back our changelog or simply sit back and wait for a ping in your email inbox :)
Minor updates
We added in-app button links to visit our public roadmap and feature request page!
Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 00
Cheers 🍻,
Pixelic Team
Slack channel search, onboarding & more.
May 26, 2020 - You can now search your Slack channels! 😃We improved some features such as ability to delete your comments and fetch latest Slack information and delete Figma files (if you want to!).
Brand new
  • Search Slack channels.
    You can now search for Slack channels in comment section. Some of the most requested feature. We noticed many teams have hundreds of Slack channels so it's not easy to simply go through list of channels. Instead, search!
Screenshot 2020-05-26 16
  • Comment delete
    . Delete a comment on your frame page. While it's a no-brainer you should be able to delete your comments, we wanted to make sure we have our data structure right.
  • Fetch latest Slack channels and users
    . Currently, newly added or edited Slack channels and Slack users are not automatically updated in Pixelic. For the time being, you can go to
    Account Settings
    on the top right corner and click
    Fetch the latest channel and user list from Slack
    to update your channel/user list.
Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 16
  • Delete Figma file
    . Currently, Pixelic only supports a single Figma file (we're getting to multiple files and projects!). So if you want to start over, click
    Delete synced Figma file
    on your
    Account Settings
Improvements & bug fixes
  • Improved user onboarding
    . We improved the onboarding and sign up process for our users. You'll have a multi-step onboarding guide as well as a way to invite your teammates during your onboarding.
  • Fixed minor bugs
    . We've had some bugs and issues, we're constantly working on fixing them. Here are a few we fixed since last update:
  • Fixed Invite/Help button
  • Slack thread sync issues
  • Taskify show up issues
  • Comment deletion issues
  • Error message occurs when invited other user
  • When annotated on a Figma frame, frame disappears
...and a bunch more!
Launched: Pixelic for Figma
May 11, 2020 - We launched our open beta on Product Hunt!
Pixelic is a collaborative workspace for Figma users to sync Figma frames/pages, frame-level versions, & manage feedback/tasks. 👨‍💻
In Pixelic, you can sync all your comments with Slack. You can share your designs on Slack, and your teammates don't have to leave Slack to give feedback.
Pixelic also allows you to manage tasks in the app. Once you have comments on your design, you can turn them into tasks by clicking
button on each comment. These tasks are kept on a separate page, which is the Tasks page.
By syncing with Figma, you can keep track of changes you make to each frame on your Figma file(s). All you have to do is click
Sync with Figma
and your Figma frames will fetch the latest version from your connected Figma file.
Convert comments into tasks in one click, design renewal, & more 💜
April 22nd, 2020 — You can now convert ANY feedback into trackable tasks in ONE click. We also renewed our layout design as well as whole new set of colors! 💜
Brand new
  • Taskification
    . Turn any feedback comments into tasks in one click. View all of the tasks in one single place, so you can do them later.
  • Design renewal.
    We're purple! Gave cleaner look and adjusted layout designs so that comments, tasks, and designs are more visible.
Screenshot 2020-04-22 12
Improvements & bug fixes
  • Fixed image break on Slack.
    Before we fixed this issue, images shared on Slack from Pixelic would not load after 24 hours. This was a known issue, and we finally fixed it - images stay visible even after 24 hours.
  • Word-wrapping on comments.
    Comments are now wrapped so it's easier to read them.
⚡️Real-time comment update & recent channel
April 6th, 2020 — You can now view comments being updated from both sides (Slack and Pixelic). 🎉We also made updates to Slack channel selection, your most recent channel is already selected so that you don't have to scroll through all of your Slack channels. More features to come on this.
2020-04-07 16
Here are our detailed improvements and updates for this release:
Real-time comment update
  • Ability to view comments real-time instantly without refreshing the application
Recent Slack channel selection
Screenshot 2020-04-07 16
  • Pre-load the most recent Slack channel used for sharing.
🔧Fixes & updates
  • Improved comment, annotation, version selection status
  • Updated empty state for the Component Detail Page
  • Better usability - auto-resizing the text area for annotated comments
👩‍💻Where are our team members currently?
Since our team is working 100% remotely and always on the move, we wanted to update our community members where our team is currently in. Stay safe everyone!
  • SJ - Naju, South Korea
  • Bia - Seoul, South Korea
  • Chris - Chicago, USA
  • Arthur - Seoul, South Korea
Design feedback via Slack
March 23, 2020 — We released our Slack integration that allows Pixelic users to sync Slack comments with Pixelic comments. Members can now use Slack thread to give direct feedback for a design update on Pixelic. Members who have Pixelic accounts can also share updates directly to a Slack channel.
Here's our detailed improvements and updates for this release:
Slack integration
  • Ability to sign up and sign in with Slack
  • Support for comment links
  • Allow Slack members to see their profile picture and display name on Pixelic
  • Improved security for Slack integration
Annotation & comment
  • Annotation numbering
  • Improved UI for annotated comment box
  • Better readability
    - When hovering over an annotation, highlight the connected comment on the right panel
  • Better readability
    - when hovering over a comment, the comment is highlighted
  • When a member clicks a comment, gray-out the rest
  • Display comment order in numbers (1, 2, 3,...)
Where are our team members currently?
Since our team is working 100% remotely and always on the move, we wanted to update our community members where our team is currently in.
  • SJ - Naju, South Korea
  • Bia - Seoul, South Korea
  • Chris - Chicago, USA
  • Arthur - Seoul, South Korea